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Auto FTP Manager is a powerful FTP client with support for FTP, SFTP/SSH, and FTP/SSL. Use it for web site publishing and maintenance, uploading and downloading files and backing up servers. With Auto FTP Manager file transfer tasks take less time and less effort. Schedule file transfers to take place automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Back up your server regularly, or synchronize FTP folders to ensure that everyone has the most current documents. Easily share or back up critical information. The watched folder functions performs a transfer whenever a folder is updated. The familiar drag-and-drop interface means that there's no learning curve. Receive and transmit multiple files with multiple servers simultaneously. No time is wasted waiting for one task to finish before starting the next. If a download is interrupted, you can resume from where it left off. Create Automated Transfer rules to handle even the most complex transfer task with a single click. You can synchronize two directories, or specify exactly which files to download or upload. Use advanced filtering and pattern-matching to select the correct files and folders to transfer. Auto FTP Manager's command line interface lets you start transfers either manually, or from batch files and scripts. A powerful and flexible logging system tracks all transfers for audit purposes. The log can be emailed, saved on the FTP server, or saved on the PC. Whether you want to back up your most important files, update your web site, or manage large numbers of files on multiple servers, Auto FTP Manager is the perfect secure FTP client. Download the risk-free, full-featured trial version today.

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